Simple DIY Father's Gift from the Kids

Simple DIY Father's Gift from the Kids

My daughter has been bugging me to prepare a gift for their Daddy for Father's day. And since we are used to preparing Do-it-yourself for Daddy, we searched Pinterest for easy to do gift ideas which will involves the kids' participation. And with a camera on hand, it was super easy. Just gather the kids and click away. The experience was super fun too! A lot of kulitan moments before i got a decent shot of them all. Lucky me, my youngest was super cooperative for the entire session. I will have this printed on a tarpaulin and will make a wooden frame for this to make it look like a printed canvass. Because i don't know where to find a cheap canvass printing :) I really hope my husband will like this. My daughter is uber excited to give this to her Daddy. Happy Father's Day to all great and loving fathers!


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