One Doll, 5 Ways – Make the Cat

One Doll, 5 Ways – Make the Cat

One or more of these easy to make rag dolls will truly delight any little girl or boy.

For the basic doll
Size: Finished height of doll 48cm

You will need

  • download and print doll patterns here.
  • download and print face patterns here.
  • pencil and ruler
  • 50 x 50cm natural cotton fabric for the body
  • stuffing
  • cotton fabrics in matching or complementary patterns and colours for clothes (a smaller print works best)
  • matching coloured sewing threads for the clothes and colours for facial details
  • embroidery threads for facial details
  • acrylic fabric pen
  • buttons to decorate clothes and shoes
  • 15 x 30cm piece of felt for hair
  • remnants of felt for shoes

The cat

You will also need:

For de dress:

  • 25 x 12cm printed cotton fabric for the dress bodice and sleeves
  • 45 x 10cm patterned cotton fabric for top layer of the dress
  • 45 x 12cm patterned cotton fabric for the bottom layer of the dress

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For de petticoat:

  • 10 x 30cm white cotton
  • 30cm strip of white cotton lace
  • 20cm strip of elastic

To make:
NOTE: Sew all seams together with the right sides of fabric facing, working 1cm seam allowances.

  1. Enlarge the patterns to the correct size. Cut out all pieces following the cutting instructions on pattern pieces.
  2. Sew the arm pieces together leaving the top edge open. Turn through to the right side and lightly fill with stuffing until the arm is almost full. Leave about 2cm unstuffed at the top of the arms so they can bend at the seams. Sew the top edge closed.
  3. Using a permanent marker or fabric pen, draw the head shape on to the felt piece for the shape of the hair, adding a 1cm seam allowance. Cut out the two shapes.
  4. Cut out the ear pieces and sew them in pairs, gathering the lower edge. Attach the ears between the back and front head pieces at the sides, as indicated.
  5. Draw the doll’ s features softly with a pencil. Using dark coloured sewing threads, use your sewing machine to ‘ freehand’ stitch over the lines you have drawn. Alternatively, you can hand embroider or draw the features with the fabric marker.
  6. Attach the arms to the body so they face inwards to the front of the doll.
  7. Pin the front and back of the doll together with the right sides facing, and stitch all around the doll, leaving a 4 – 5cm opening at the top of the head for turning.
  8. Snip around the curved edges frequently and around any corner seams with a sharp pair of scissors taking care not to cut through the seam. Turn the doll through to the right side and fill with stuffing, starting with the legs. Fill the legs until you reach 2cm from the top, and then stitch across the top of the legs at the join line – this allows the doll to bend at the seat. Continue stuffing the doll, pushing the stuffing into smaller areas with a knitting needle. Close opening by hand.
The cat

To sew the dress:

  1. Enlarge the required pattern pieces and cut them out according to the instructions on the actual pieces.
  2. Sew the shoulder seams of the front and back bodice together. Hem the inside of the bodice around the neck edge. Stitch the side seams.
  3. Hem the edge of the bottom layer of the dress. Attach the cotton ribbon to the bottom layer of the dress, if required. Line up the two unstitched edges (these are the layers of the skirt), right sides facing up, with the shorter piece on top. Join the skirt at the centre back seam. Gather the pieces together along the top edge of skirt so it fits the bodice. Sew the skirt to the bodice.
  4. Sew a button and any other detail that you would like to the front of the bodice to complete.
  5. For the petticoat, attach the cotton lace to the lower edge of the white cotton, then stitch a casing along the top edge for the elastic. Sew the petticoat closed at centre back seam, leaving an opening for the elastic to be threaded through the casing. Thread the elastic through and knot the ends securely. Close the opening in the seam.

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