My CAPTAIN MAMMU and her TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! Thats what my son Aeizykjhiel sees me as a supermom. A mother of 4kids, my adapted daughter is 9 my first born AEIZYKJHIEL is 4 and my Twins (oh yes TWINS! And they are both BOYS!) are 2 years of age. A Supermom it is, right?with this little rascals, my silly minnions, my so naughty turtles. A stay home mom which MULTITASKING is A MUST! Being with my kids is heaven...i couldnt imagine my day not seeing or not being able to hug and kiss them. I so love my family! #myfamilyismylife #ilovemykids #mammumodeisalwayson #lovethemtobits #toinfinityandbeyond #lovethemtothemoonandback


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