My Mom Is Supermamay By: Lucas Zuriel Lagman

My Mom Is Supermamay By: Lucas Zuriel Lagman

When my son (Lucas) went on a field trip, he was given an activity book from Safeguard. He was very excited to do the activities on every page of it. His most favorite was making this illustration of me as a Supermom. It was also my favorite because Lucas and I always have a great time making art. First, I asked him what things we use to keep our bodies clean, so for the drawing, we used a towel for the cape, boots for the shoes, loofah and toilet paper for the accessories, and of course, Safeguard Foaming Hand Soap for the main weapon against germs. The materials we used were color pens, glitter pens, crayons, glue, glitters, paint, cotton and foil. Lucas asked me to also include his younger sister (Louise) in the drawing. He was very careful in coloring and sticking the materials, and to our surprise, we caught Louise making random green strokes on the illustration. I enjoyed teaching Lucas the importance of proper handwashing while accomplishing the activity book, and I'm sure he and Louise also did.


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