Let your child play, eat, and do whatever he wants :D

I have a 1 year old cute little baby boy. Makulit sobra tas matakaw pa. Pero problema ba yun? No! :D Kahit anong likot at dumi niya pa keri lang because of Ariel. Mura na and super effective pa! :D He loves chocolates so much kaya hindi maiiwasan na magmantsa yung mga damit niy, mostly whites pa naman. Syempre enjoy si baby pano naman ang paglalaba ni mommy? Sa ibang brands. SRSLY, kaylangan marami pa gamitin but with ariel, mura, matipid, mabilis pa makapaglinis! Super love ko talaga yun. Tas with downy pa para mabango yung mga clothes ni baby. Hihi. Lovelove


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