How to make hanging laundry buckets for kids

How to make hanging laundry buckets for kids

For some unknown reason, children everywhere think that the floor is the ideal place to store dirty clothes. It takes a bit of work to convince them otherwise but if a hanging laundry bucket doesn't do it, then nothing will...


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How not to: If you don't want your house to look like it has been hit by a tornado, you may want to follow these instructions. It doesn't take much time to put up but it could save you a lot of time tidying up.
Plan: To make these hanging laundry buckets you will need:
  • three 10 litre buckets
  • a curtain rail
  • some curtain hooks
  • some screws
  • a couple of wall plugs (if required)
  • a screwdriver
  • some chalk

Step one: With a piece of chalk, draw a shirt shape onto one of the buckets – this will be used for white laundry.

Step two: On another bucket, draw a sock for wool items and delicates, and on the final bucket draw a pair of pants for colored clothes.

Step three: Use the screws to attach the rail to the wall with the screwdriver; if you have a brick wall you will need to use wall plugs. Make sure that the rail is straight. Once it is secure, you can hang up the three buckets using the curtain hooks. Then, all you need is some dirty laundry to fill them with – although we are sure that won't be hard to find.

After: Why not make a game out of putting dirty clothes in the laundry buckets? It’s a lot more fun than having to pick clothes up off the floor.

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