How to make a tin can mailbox

How to make a tin can mailbox

Kids love receiving letters and parents hate the mess unorganized mail can create. So what to do? We have a very simple mail storage solution that's as good-looking as it is effective. And all you'll need is a couple of old tin cans.


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How not to: You cannot expect your children to keep their rooms tidy if you cannot lead by example. So pick up those scattered envelopes and read on...

Plan: Our mail storage solution is a simple tin can letterbox. The next time you finish a tin of baked beans or soup, keep the can, remove the label and wash it. You will also need some Washi Tape and a permanent marker.
Step one: Use a permanent marker to write the name of everyone who is being assigned a mail can on a piece of decorative masking tape (aka Washi Tape).

Step two: Attach each piece of tape to separate tin cans, then place somewhere that everybody can see and access them.
After: Now that everyone has a personalized tin can mailbox, all you have to do is start sending some snail mail to make sure everybody receives some letters.

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