How to make a DIY balloon vase

How to make a DIY balloon vase

They say it’s the little things that count and this also applies to home furnishings. With only a balloon and a glass you can make a beautiful miniature vase that any flower would be pleased to sit in.


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How not to: Don't be fooled. There's more to balloons than children's parties.

Plan: To make this balloon vase all you'll need is a glass, a balloon and some scissors.

Step one: Pick a glass – make sure it is big enough to hold your flowers but not so big that the balloon cannot fit around it – and wash it with dishwashing liquid.

Step two: Once the glass is dry, turn it upside down. Then, cut off the spout of your balloon, leaving about an inch of the neck.

Step three: Gently pull the balloon over the glass until it is completely covered.

Step four: Through the opening at the top, add some water and a few flowers.

After: Bravo! In less than one minute you’ve a ceramic-style vase with the color accent of your choice. Who said DIY had to be complicated?

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very creative and colorful. love it!

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