How to decorate your Easter eggs with family portraits

How to decorate your Easter eggs with family portraits

There are so many things you can do with homemade Easter eggs. You can dye them, paint them, add glitter to them – you can even stencil them. But have you ever thought about personalizing them with a picture of each member of your family?


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How not to: The worst thing you can do to an Easter egg is leave it plain. Because that?s just a boiled egg which is rather boring at Easter. Plan: You will need

  • some hardboiled eggs (but make sure they have cooled down you don't want to burn your hands)
  • some pictures of your family printed on paper
  • some Decopatch PaperPatch glue/varnish
  • some scissors

Step one: Use the scissors to cut out the faces that you want to use for the eggs. Make sure the images are small enough to fit onto the eggs. Step two: Use a small paintbrush to add some glue to a small area.Step three: Carefully place the picture over the glue. If necessary, trim size to adjust to the form of the egg.

Step four: : Once dry, use a paintbrush to coat the entire egg with glue. This will really fix the pictures into place and add a nice varnish. Wait until dry, add another coat and leave to dry completely.After: Place your handy work in egg cups and present your family members with a simple but pleasant Easter surprise.

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