How getting a puppy changed our family dynamic

Getting a puppy is a big deal for a family. All moms know that like our kids puppies are full of energy. A puppy adds a whole new level of excitement to the family setting. Follow along as one mom shares how getting a puppy was the best thing that happened to her family.

A family decision

“Getting our French bulldog, Dolores, definitely changed the household for the better,” says Heidi Amar, a 38-year-old mom living in the heart of New York City. “My daughter’s 10th birthday was coming up and we wanted to give her something special. My husband didn’t want a puppy, but when he saw a picture of Dolores he instantly fell in love. We knew we had to have her.”

Switching gears

After Heidi brought Dolores home, she observed something funny in her 10 year old. “Lou really liked the fact that she was no longer lowest on the disciplinary totem pole!” Heidi also notes how their new puppy lightened things up at home. “Dolores is so much fun to be around, we never want to leave her alone.”

New responsibilities

Heidi’s family developed a new sense of togetherness by sharing in the doggy duties. “Dolores was so little when she came to us. We were constantly taking care of her—going for walks, feeding her, etc. My daughter learned about responsibilities from her.”


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Getting familiar

“It didn’t take long for her family to get used to a puppy in the house,” says Heidi. “Dolores is very much a part of our family. She watches TV with us. She hangs out in bed with us.” Heidi laughs. “She’s definitely the centerpiece of the house now. Everyone pays attention to her!”

New social circles

Heidi says Dolores is so popular the whole neighborhood knows her. “Dolores is a local celebrity. My 90-year-old neighbor writes all about her to her pen pal in Australia. Can you believe it?”

Puppies make for happy homes

Adding a puppy to the mix can be a wonderful thing for any family. Puppies pull families together, teach kids responsibilities and give us all another reason to love little creatures. Puppy ownership can change the family dynamic, and clearly for the better.

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