Holiday weekend trips with kids

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll find more time for the entire family to spend some quality trips together to a destination you’ve always wanted to go to.

Holiday Weekend trips with kids

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll find more time for the entire family to spend some quality trips together to a destination you’ve always

wanted to go to. Most parents will at some point find that the kids are growing up too fast, or that there’s just not enough time spent between parent and child. Quality time away from the routine of daily life could help set things right. There are plenty of kid-friendly trip options you can choose to get away with the little ones for the weekend. So pack up your bags and your brood and head away this weekend.

Appreciate the great outdoors

A bit of grass, trees, fresh air and a lake will help the kids get their outdoor spirit on. There are plenty of activities that the kids can be a part of during the day. Take them fishing out on the water, teach them basic survival skills like how to start a fire or cook a meal in the great outdoors. A few essential things that should be brought are a ball for throwing around, insect repellent to keep the tears at bay, and a first-aid kit in case of emergencies. Fill your cooler box with plenty of food and you and the family can enjoy evening barbecues under the stars.

Surprise the kids with a trip to a theme park

If there is one nearby, take the kids to a theme park and let them have their fill of rides, cotton candy and hot dogs. Let the little kid in you come out as well and take on a few of the adult rides while you’re at it. Theme parks are great in that they tend to be well equipped for families, so you’re likely to find bathrooms with parental facilities like diaper-changing stations and wide open walkways that accommodate huge prams. If rampant sugar levels are something you’d like to avoid, keep a few bottles of water handy for when the children get thirsty, and a few Band-Aids lying around in your bag just in case little injuries happen.

Take a beach holiday


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Beach holidays tend to be a hit with small children. Besides reveling in the sun, building sandcastles and splashing around in the water, take the chance to get active and play mini beach soccer or volleyball.

Some beach resorts also offer childcare services, so while the kids are having fun in the sun, you can recharge yourself the grown-up way and have a cocktail or a massage.

Bring extra swimsuits, sunblock (with at least SPF 30 protection) and a few bottles of water to make sure the kids are well protected from the heat.

Have a weekend of learning and discovering

Many museums target children and families, putting on exhibitions that engage and excite young minds. Have a look at the exhibitions being put on at nearby museums and plan a weekend of indoor fun. Think about what thrills your kids, the questions they’ve asked lately and what they’ve been reading, and look for a museum that caters to their interests.

Learning doesn’t need to be restricted to a building. If there are parks or nature reserves you haven’t yet explored, take the kids along and have an educational outdoor adventure together.

Rediscover the joys of parenthood all over again and spend time doing something a little different with your kids this weekend. Remember to take a camera so you can add some unforgettable memories to your family album.


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