Have a picnic

Have a picnic

Enjoy a summer’s day and organize a picnic with your family and friends.

The best options are always the city park, the woods with appropriate spots or beaches. Parks and forests have an advantage over the beach: the shade of the trees, which allows for greater protection from sunlight.

Tip: so that everything goes well, make sure, as much as possible, it will be good weather (preferably sunny and a mild temperature) on the day of the picnic and that the place chosen has a good set up (access, washrooms).

Make a list of all participant's favorite food and drink. Then, each guest is responsible for bringing a certain food. Thus, you do not run the risk of each one taking his/her own food without criterion and lacking variety (each one has his own taste!).

In lunchboxes there has to be room for fruit, sandwiches, dry cakes, yogurts, juices and lots of water (especially for children who spend the day running from one side to the other and who need good hydration).

Tip: if you prefer, you buy everything in your supermarket and divide the total amongst everyone.

Basic material
At a picnic "taken seriously" can lack nothing, much less the basics. So make sure you do not forget to bring blankets (it is preferable to take too much than not enough so that you can spread the food out better), napkins, plastic cups and plates, cooler bags (to preserve the temperature of the fruit and beverages, for instance).


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Tip: take large garbage bags so that nothing is messing up the environment. It is irresponsible to leave huge cans, paper or leftover food scattered on the ground.

Organizing a picnic is a dream day for the little ones (and some adults too!) and, therefore, it is important to plan some activities. Some ideas for games: tag, hide and seek, frog jump, pass the ball or frisbee the delight of children.

For the adults, cards, board games or a simple guitar (there are nails!) arrive and are left.

Tip: if you take a radio to listen to music, mind the volume so as not to disturb others "picnic-ers". Oh, and do not forget the camera, of course!

Have the kids wear clothes with light cotton fabric to stay cool. Using Downy fabric conditioner on their clothes also ensures a clean, fresh scent on your little ones’ clothes all day. During the picnic, expect there to be at least one child that does not end the day without looking all dirty from head to toe. That is part of it and it is not even worth asking them to be careful.

Tip: take jackets to deal with a sudden change of weather.

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A fun filled experience of a simple picnic will forever be carved in d memories of our children. It' s a joy to see them explore the outdoors and watch them enjoy every moment.

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