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Father's Day Essentials

We all know that Father’s day is just around the corner and we too, know how difficult it can be to find the perfect Father’s day gift for our wonderful fathers!  So many options, so little time to go through them all! Well don’t you worry! I’m here to (try to) help you with that! Here are a couple of gift ideas that you might want to get for your dad!

But before I get started with my list… Keep in mind that whatever I will suggest is just a plain suggestion. You would know your dad better than anyone else in this world (well, maybe other than your momma) so think of him while you read the list and figure out if the gift really does suit him or not! If you’re really sold on that idea of buying him a present, then it should be something that he would personally really like and/or use as well. If not, why not create something for him? You know, like how we used to do it when we were young and couldn’t afford anything just yet. Do or create something thoughtful for him, even if it’s a small one! I personally think that nothing could ever beat a present that is made out of love and specifically for him!

There are a lot of things that you can do for him for Father’s day other than giving him a gift. Like preparing or buying him and your mom dinner (if you can’t cook), planning and taking him out on a father-son/daughter day out, or just actually being present and spending time with him on his special day! People tend to forget that sometimes what parents’ want from their children is actually just spending time with them! Nothing big, nothing fancy, just good quality time with the family! And if you really think about it, it’s not much. :)

By the way, I’m basing this list on my father and his daily routine + needs. Lastly, just a tip: everyday should be special so make time for him and the family. It’s good for you, for him and for everyone. Plus let’s not forget to mention that it’s actually free! F-R-E-E. ♥

1. Anything Personalized & Monogrammed
Think of something that he uses everyday like his wallet or work bag, then think of adding his initials monogrammed on it.  Now, isn’t that great? It feels like it was just especially made for him!


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2.  Better Comfortable Shoes
As we get older, we all know how essential it is to have those “trusted pair of shoes” and well, giving a pair of those to your dad will always be a great idea! My dad recently has gotten into the sneaker trend. He finds it quite comfortable to walk in and I must say, it’s good with his style too! So maybe getting him a new pair of sneakers is a good choice for a gift! If you don’t know what he wants or what he’s comfortable in, it might be better to have him there when you get it!

3.  New Glasses / Sunglasses
Since my father wears glasses as most parents do, I find it quite practical to actually buy him glasses. I think it’s nice to give your dad’s glasses an upgrade! It’s bound to happen soon enough. If he doesn’t wear glasses then you can get him sunglasses! It’s still a useful buy since we do live in a tropical country!

4.  His Favorite Coffee/Tea
I know this might sound so funny but trust me on this! If you guys don’t notice, fathers do love their coffee or tea. My dad for example, he doesn’t start his day without his coffee and he loves it so much that he drinks another one in the afternoon (merienda time). So buying him his favorite coffee or tea, if your dad doesn’t drink coffee, makes sense!

5. Best Dad Kit
This is a Cher personal favorite and must try! I’m pretty sure that if you do this, your dad will love it! Just buy 3-5 of his most favorite things in this world, a couple of useful essentials like a nice pen, a Gillette shaving kit, a brand new Oral-B toothbrush, then write him a letter and insert a wallet size photograph of you both, put it in a box and wrap it up. Tadah! The Best Dad Kit especially made for your father!

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his wish new wallet :)

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4. His Favorite Coffee/Tea - this will do! <3

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