Advent calendar Christmas tree

Advent calendar Christmas tree

Take recycling to a whole new level and turn your old toilet rolls into this beautiful Advent Calendar. Add a personal touch to your Christmas decorating that will turn your friends green with envy at your creative brilliance. Make a countdown to Christmas that much more special and exciting for your children with this simple idea.

You will need:

  • A cutting mat
  • Pencil
  • 25 empty toilet rolls (or any other cardboard tube, like a mailing tube, cut into equal sizes)
  • Scrapbooking paper in two different colours and patterns
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper piercer or punch
  • String (cotton string is preferable)
  • Decorative buttons
  • Numbered stickers (you can also use a permanent marker or number stamp)
  • Glue gun
  • Gift-wrapping paper and/or wallpaper – preferably green and brown, cut to the size of the toilet roll)
  • 25 small plastic sandwich bags
  • 25 chocolate treats


1. Using an empty toilet roll, trace 75 circles onto the scrapbooking paper. The cut-outs will cover the back and front ends of the rolls – note that the front ends will be double-sided. Spread the circles over the two different pieces of coloured paper.

2. Cut out all the circles.

3. Use a mixture of the two different paper patterns to create the double-sided covers. (Once the date has passed, turn the cover around so that there is no number visible).

4. Using a paper piercer or punch, make small holes on the top of each cover.

5. Cut the string into 15cm long pieces and fold each piece into equal halves. Thread the string through the hole and pull at the ends of the string through to make a knotted loop.

6. Using the glue gun and buttons, decorate the covers for the toiler rolls. You can use any other scrapbooking embellishments you find here as well, just be sure to leave space for the numbers.


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7. Add numbers onto each cover until you have days 1 to 25.

8. Stick the strings to the toilet rolls by drawing a line of glue along the side of each toilet. Do this for 24 rolls. Remember to pull the string tight as you stick it down. (Picture 009 and Picture 010)

9. Stick the wrapping – or wallpaper to each toilet roll individually. Wrap it around the roll, sticking the paper firmly in place. For the base of the tree we used brown wallpaper; the rest of the tree was covered with green wrapping paper. (Picture 011 and Picture 012)

10. Using the glue gun, stick the remaining circles to the back of all 25 toilet rolls.

11. Start assembling your Christmas tree, by using the glue gun. Start with the base of the tree - place two rolls together and carefully spread a line of glue between the two. Follow this procedure until you have three rows and three columns of toilet rolls. All of the toilet rolls should be stuck together before proceeding to the top of the tree. Pay careful attention to where the numbers need to go.

12. Start the top of the tree with a base of five rolls. Once the five are glued and the glue is dry glue four rolls into the slots created by this row of five. Place two adjacent lines of glue in the slots to ensure that the structure is secure. Bear in mind you are aiming to create the shape of a triangle. Repeat this step for each row, decreasing the number of rolls by one until you have one roll at the top of the tree. Glue one last roll on top of the last – to mark Christmas day.

13. Glue the base and top of the tree together, so that your calendar will have the shape of a Christmas tree.

14. Divide the chocolate treats into 25 small plastic sandwich bags and fit them into the toilet rolls.

TIP: Decorate the top cover with a star by simply gluing the star to the circle and the number 25 onto the star. When you have taken the chocolate out of the roll turn the cover around to hide the date.

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Nice and very creative. Im sure kids will love this, especially the chocolates or candies inside. Thanks

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