Acrylic Creativity

Acrylic Creativity

Let your inner artist show with this simple art project. Do you have that old pair of shoes that you want to modify? Well here's a project for you. What you will need; acrylic paints, Sharpie, old pair of shoes and your imagination. 1. Choose a pattern you want ( i would recommend cartoons or anime as its a lot easier) 2. Using a pencil, lightly draft out on the shoe how you would want it. 3. Using the colors you want, (i strongly recommend acrylic paint on shoes that are made of cloth) paint the inside of your patter first. Then using a Sharpie (permanent pointed one) outline your pattern after the paint has dried. 4. You can use hairspray to lock in the paint to the shoes (completely optional). And there you go, as simple as that. I used Taz on this one.


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