8 Fun (and Easy) Stay-At-Home Valentine's Day Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day when you have a family, “staying in” can be the next “going out”. Enjoy a night in, have fun and remember why you fell in love, with these fun and easy Valentine’s Days Ideas. Valentine’s Day does not have to be all about going out. Sometimes staying in, and picking one of our nice creative ideas can fill your night with romance in unexpected ways. Just put the kids to bed early, or send them for a night to the grandparents’ house, and enjoy each other’s company with one of the following fun (and easy) stay-at-home ideas for Valentine’s night.

Remember those first dates, when going to the cinema together felt ever so special? Recreate such an evening at home: dress up for a date, pick a movie together (try a romantic film, like When Harry Met Sally or the classic Breakfast At Tiffany''s) and get some popcorn popping. Enjoy a first-date-cinema night in the comfort of your home (and without having to pay for a baby-sitter!)


Forget about slaving away over a hot stove, this one is going to be different. Order in your favourite take-away and have a restaurant meal at home: no preparation and little cleaning up to do. What you do have to do? Rather than waste time cooking, use the time to get ready as you would for going out: have a luxurious, long shower, dry face, put on something comfortable that makes you feel great, slip on your most impressive heels (remember, you can take them off whenever you want) and look your hottest for this dinner date. Setting a special table together, complete with candles can certainly set the mood! ;


Pamper yourself, and your partner, with a special spa night. ; Depending on your budget, book a home massage, or take turns to massage each other, then spoil yourselves with a long, hot bath. Remember to finish off with a deep moisturizing, luxurious treat for your face. Try Olay Regenerist 3 Point Face Cream, our favorite treat for a totally luxurious at-home spa experience.


Going back in time can be fun - especially when the place you travel to is the most precious time of all: your wedding night. Take some time to look at pictures of the special day, remember the guests, plan ahead and make some of the dishes you had served and generally reminisce about the fun you had on the day. Read the guest book, pull out some of the presents you received and keep it romantic and lighthearted at the same time by remembering any mishaps of the day.


For the nature lovers amongst us, and only if it''s a clear night, this is an easy and romantic way to spend Valentine''s day. Wrap up warm, put a blanket on the floor and spend some time looking at the stars in your backyard or balcony. For the more adventurous souls, you can even light a small bonfire and enjoy a romantic evening exploring the night sky. Don''t forget to make a wish if you see a falling star!


Making plans together can bring us closer, so spend some time to do just that! Whether you are able to go or not, spend some time planning a romantic break: a weekend in Paris, a holiday in Iceland, or a shopping trip in NYC, it doesn''t have to be realistic. Have a look at books and maps, plan the places you will visit and get online to look for your favourite hotel - this can be a great way to bond and have a laugh together.


Corny as it may sound, this is a good way to tell your partner all the things that you normally don''t. It doesn''t have to be strictly romantic: you might want to play around with words and write a funny poem, just for him. Keep these to read next year, starting a literary tradition just for the two of you!


Love to dance but can''t go to a dance club? Turn your living room into a ballroom: make enough space for your best moves, put on some tunes you both like and get your moves on! Mix it up, or keep to one style: go all John Travolta and Uma Thurman or Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers - whatever you pick remember: no one is watching, so dance your heart out!

If you like these staying-in dates, you can see more here, and share with us: what is your favourite stay-at-home Valentine''s Day idea?


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