6 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

6 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Try these fun and creative ways to make Valentine's Day a little more special.

1. Felt Valentine Fortune Cookies

Personalized and adorable, these scrap felt "cookies" are the perfect way to say something sweet to loved ones.


  1. To make a felt fortune cookie, start by cutting out a felt circle (4 - 4 1/2 inches in diameter)
  2. Snip a piece of floral wire to the same length as the diameter of the circle and lay it across the center of the circle
  3. Cut out a new circle of the same size from festively patterned fabric. Use fabric glue to attach the fabric atop the felt, keeping the floral wire in between the layers. Once the glue has dried, fold the circle in half over the floral wire
  4. To create the fortune cookie shape, bend the two ends of the floral wire toward one another
  5. Create a small gap and fill with fortunes

Tip: When filling with fortunes, consider using a combination of small candies and heartfelt sayings. Here are a few for inspiration:

  • Those who give love get love.
  • Thank you for being a friend.
  • Hugs, kisses & best wishes.

2. Mini Candy Boxes
Oh-so-cute and easy-to-make, all you need are a few small boxes and craft supplies for decorating.

  1. Start with jewelry boxes or emptied matchstick boxes, and then use a few pieces of decorative scrapbook paper to cover them
  2. Add embellishments like ribbon, heart cutouts, lace, ribbon or tags it's so easy to personalize each box
  3. To complete, fill your boxes with sweet treats, like candy hearts, and give each box to a loved one as a thoughtful holiday gesture

3. Sweetheart Tea Tags
Purchase the perfect tea, and then add festive accents by removing the tags from the teabags and replacing them with paper heart shapes. For that special touch of personalization, write a sweet note on each heart, like "thinking of you" or "we make a good team."

3 More Gift Ideas
Sometimes it's the things you can't buy that say the most. If your loved one's a fan of the unexpected, try giving the gift of a great surprise:

4. Clean House: Next time you find yourself home alone, surprise your loved one by going on a full-out clean sweep. For a finishing touch, place an arrangement of flowers with a handmade card on your entryway table. You can also replace items that a lot of people often overlook like new toothbrushes (Oral-B comes in an array of colors that could provide a nice colorful touch to your bathroom (or even his favorite soap or scent!)

5. Romantic Evening: Send the kids to a sitter's or a sleepover, but keep the plans for the evening to yourself. On the night of Valentine's Day, prepare a homemade dinner for two (don't forget dessert) and enjoy a quiet, romantic evening at home.

6. Breakfast in Bed: The morning of Valentine's Day, wake up early to prepare breakfast in bed, using our recipes and tips to prepare the perfect surprise.

Do you have an outstanding gift idea for Valentine's Day? Share your ideas by commenting below and help the community make it a sweet day to remember!

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