3 Kids' Games Taken from the Web to the Yard

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It's time to put down the phones and grab some fresh air! Let your phone games inspire fun outdoor activities for your children to play in nature.


Let the games you play on your phone inspire games your kids play outside.

All too often, kids prefer playing games on a phone or laptop. And as games get more complicated and the graphics get more realistic, virtual worlds can sometimes bring us adults in, too. Combining the best addicting games with the best of running around outdoors, we have made up outdoor games based on three of the most popular digital games. Putting an old-fashioned spin on them gets my young kids nearly as excited about playing outside as they are when I hand over my phone.

1. Birds vs. Pigs Catapult Game

Based on a kid-favorite game with birds and pigs, it's part flag football and part tag. Materials

Cardboard boxes

"Pigs" (stuffed animals or even empty soda bottles)

Balled up athletic socks


1. Set up a tower or stack boxes and put the pigs on top of or below the boxes
2. Give each child three or so balled up socks to serve as birds
3. Have the kids throw - underhand! - the socks at the boxes to try and knock them down
4. If they can't knock down all the pigs, reset the box and let the next player try
5. Older kids can also play, though they may have to stand farther back from the boxes and have fewer birds.

2. Fruit Slashing Game

This real-life version of the reflex-driven game combines washable paints and flashlights for a fun slice and splash game. Be sure to play at dusk or shortly after the sun goes down.


Washable paints (One color for each player)



Clothesline/Somewhere to hang an old sheet

Old sheet


  1. Hang a large sheet from a clothesline or between two trees or poles 

  2. Give the player a paintbrush and washable paint and position her in front of the sheet 

  3. Have everyone not "slashing" sit around the player with flashlights 

  4. After a countdown, have everyone turn on their flashlights on the sheet 

  5. The player must "slash" the light with the paintbrush 

  6. Each player gets a time limit that they're allowed to play - three minutes is plenty long for our family - and 
then it's time to switch players. Tempera paints are perfect, as they're inexpensive and can be watered down for the best effect. 

Leave the sheet up to dry overnight and in the morning, your family will have a cool art piece. This game doesn't have winners - it's more of a collaborative art piece (that's a lot of fun to make).

3. Plants Defense Freeze Tag

Taking this fun game to the yard for small kids can be a challenge in simplicity.

Split the players into two teams: one plants and zombies. Following freeze tag rules, if a zombie tags a plant, the plant freezes. Plants can be unfrozen by being tagged by another Plant and saying the name of a plant (peas, roses, maple, etc.).

Plants can also tag zombies, which "freezes" them. Zombies can unfreeze other zombies by tagging them and saying a kind of monster (Yeti, bigfoot, zombie, etc.). This game is most fun when it turns into a big crowd of kids running and screaming.

Plants win if they freeze all the Zombies. Zombies win if they freeze all the Plants.

The most fun part about adapting screen games for real life is working with the whole family's imagination to make a game that works for everyone. The togetherness that comes from building your own recreation is priceless.

Don't worry about your kids getting their clothes dirty or sweating a lot since that's all part of the fun! Just make sure they wash up after with a gentle germ-killing soap like Safeguard. For their clothes, Downy AntiBac Fabric Conditioner is a great way to protect the material from harmful bacteria while giving them softness and a light scent!

Now go out and run around and have some fun! If you've got other cool game ideas for kids, let us know below!

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