20 easy ways to spread the love today

20 easy ways to spread the love today

Valentine's Day is not just be about cards and roses. Share the vibes with people you love with some mood enhancing ideas.

From morning to night, Valentine's Day should be a celebration of how much we value everyone around us. Try our spread-the-love mood enhancers and you'll be glowing with happiness by the time you greet your hot date (OK, your hubby) in the evening!

1. Be the first to get up and drop your homemade Valentine's card on the doormat so it looks like the cherubs delivered it in the night. Depending on what age your kids are, why not make cards for them too?

2. Dig out a scented soap or shower gel so everyone in the house is treated to lovely smells when they use the bathroom. Or, you can just keep your toilets smelling fresh all day with any of AmbiPur's floral scents.

3. Wear your favourite dress. It'll add a swish to your stride and put a smile on your face to greet everyone you pass on your way to work.

4. Crack open the choccy biscuits for the kids' packed lunch boxes, or stash a tin of homemade biscuits in your bag to share at work during break time.

5. Hang a cheery heart decoration on your front door (dug out from your Christmas decorations or made with card and tissue paper with the help of your kids).

6. Clear out all those little coins in the bottom of your purse and pop them in the charity box by the till when you buy your morning coffee.

7. Pick some early spring flowers from your garden or buy a cheap bunch of pretty daffodils and give all the mums you know a flower each in the playground at drop-off.

8. Don't just say hello: give everyone you know a big hug. OK, maybe not the manager at the bank...!

9. Send your OH a romantic mid-morning text. Nothing makes the long drag before lunchtime go faster than knowing someone loves you.

10. Have lunch together - meet your other half for lunch if you can, or suggest to a workmate that you eat out together. Even if it's just having your sarnies on a park bench, making time for 20 minutes' chat will give you both a lift.

11. Email your friends with a link to your favourite love song on YouTube. From The Beatles 'Something' to Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody' to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy', get your mates to share their music choices too.

12. Give your mum a call and be sure to make time for a giggle with her.

13. Make the kids a Valentine's dinner - amazingly, despite children's tendency to break out in howls of 'yeuch!' at the thought of romance or kissing, they love making heart-shaped sandwiches and cakes with pink icing.

14. Before your OH gets home, send a text photo of you both when you first got together with a little message like 'thanks for the memories' or 'still crazy after all these years'.

15. Invite the girls round for 'mocktail' hour. Have bubbly fun with ginger ale or lemonade coloured with a splash of pink food colouring served in glasses decorated with slices of fruit. Invite everyone to bring a photo of their dream date to make a 'wall of gorgeousness' in the kitchen. Hopefully it won't turn out to be just a 'wall of George Clooney'...

16. Make the kids' bathtime extra fun by adding bubbles or having a sing-song as they splash around. Put on a 'foam' show for them by pulling silly faces, hidden behind a handful of bubbles.

17. Spend some cuddle time with the family on the sofa looking at old photos.

18. Stick to strict bedtimes for little ones or do a deal with your older kids so they can enjoy a DVD and some pizza in another room, ensuring you and your OH have some space to yourselves for the rest of the evening.

19. Make a playlist or a CD of all your favourite smoochy tunes, dim the lights and invite your OH for a dance around the kitchen table. You might end up laughing and tripping on the cat's basket, but it's still super-romantic.

20. Pop a photo of you and your loved one on his pillow with the message 'sweet dreams'.

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