Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim Day + Night

3x more absorbency at just 1/3 thickness

Switch to worry-free period days with 3x More Absorbency from new Whisper Skin Love. It allows fluid to quickly flow straight to the bottom of the pad and away from your skin at just 1/3 the thickness vs. regular cottony pad.

Let your skin breathe with 2x more Air Flow!

This is the pad you¹ve been waiting for! Designed with renowned Japanese technology. New Whisper Skin Love has soft curly fibres that create numerous air pockets within the pad. This allows the air dry cushiony top sheet to give you breathable protection and 2x more air flow in your pad. No more hot and stuffy period days!

Odor Control Molecules for All-day Freshness

New Whisper skin Love¹s unique Odor Control Molecules absorb odor so you can stay fresh. Its delightful subtle scent of water jasmine, lily-of-the-Valley and white mush gives you confidence even during the most intimate moments.

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