Vicks VapoRub

Your Mom used it. Your Grandma did, too. And her Grandma before her. Generations spanning more than 100 years have trusted Vicks VapoRub to provide relief from the common cold for the whole family. Today, it is Vicks VapoRub providing relief in 5 minutes for the whole family, preferably applied with mom's healing touch, that your own loved ones rely on to drive away the flu season's aches and difficulties… especially the Man Child.

When cold strikes, men revert to little big boys- one way to get your big strong hubby back is to lovingly nurse your Man Child with the secret remedy his own mommy used against colds when he was just a wee boy - Vicks VapoRub.

Available in four pack sizes: 5 gm | 10 gm | 25 gm | 50gm

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