Pampers Premium Care

Every little bottom deserves to feel fresh and cool. Let the Pampers Premium Care Active Baby Diapers provide your bundle of joy the comfort and satisfaction of dryness and softness even with the diaper on!

Made of soft materials, the Pampers Premium Care Baby Diapers cradle your baby's bottom in a net of breathable micropores. This allows your baby to feel cool, fresh, and rash-free enough to stay comfortable throughout the day, even after several wettings. 

Pampers with Magic Gel

Pampers' Magic Gel feature allows your little one to feel as dry as possible even after 7 wettings. 

Comfort and Breathability

Discover how to help maintain your baby's skin in its ideal condition. Let the fresh air in, even when he or she dons on the diaper. 

Isn't it great to see your baby enjoying the fresh air while he discovers the world? Fresh air is not only something he enjoys, but it is also beneficial for his skin. 

The All-new Pampers Premium Care with 5 star skin protection also contains breathable cover that lets fresh air in and humid air out, helping to maintain his skin in its ideal condition. It is a drier and softer diaper for your baby, with the following unique set of extra features: 

Additional Information

-Skin Protection Lotion - Helps gently protect baby's skin and reduce diaper rash 
- 2X Stretchy Sides - For superior fit and comfort 
-Up to 12 Hours Dryness with Magic Gel 
-All Around Breathability - that allows air circulation for superior dry skin 
-Ultra Soft Cottony Softness - Wraps your baby's skin with comfort 
-Urine Indicator - The line turns into BLUE color that notifies urine 

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