Pampers Baby Dry Pants

Locks up to 99.9% wetness* for dry skin
*refers to the amount of wetness locked in, based on P&G technical laboratory test
Up to 12 Hours of Skin Dryness
1.       Magic Gel™ for dry & peaceful sleep
2.       Flexible waistband for soft and comfortable fit
3.       Air circulation for dry skin
4.       Baby lotion helps protect baby's skin
5.       Wraps your baby's skin with comfort
Diaper Size Guide
Medium - Up to 12 kg
Large - Up to 14kg
X-Large - Up to 17kg
XX-Large - Up to 25kg
How to use
1. To wear, pull up the diaper over baby's legs and ensure that waist area is not folded over. Gatherings at the leakguards should be outside. Wear with cartoon picture in front.
2. Remove by tearing off side tabs when Pants are soiled.
Advisory: Change diaper immediately upon soiling. Do not re-use the diaper.

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