Pampers Baby-Dry

Behind every next step is a DRY night in All-New Pampers Baby Dry, with up to 12 hours of Skin Dryness, now with STRETCHY TAPES!

All-NEW Pampers Baby-dry with Magic Gel absorbs and locks-in up to 7 wettings, from night until morning. That's up to 12 hours of complete sleep for baby, so he can wake up ready for his many firsts! It also has NEW Stretchy Tapes that adapt to baby's shape and movements, for superior fit and comfort!

Stretchy Tapes

For superior fit and comfort

Magic Gel™

Absorbs and locks-in up to 7 wettings, from night until morning

Soft Cottony Cover*

Wraps your baby's skin with comfort

Soft Touch-Dry Layer

Quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby's skin

Wetness Indicator

The line turns into BLUE color and notifies urine **
** Under high temperature or high humidity condition, it might change colors before use, though this does not affect the quality of the product. Even in this case, BLUE is the color which indicates urination.

How to Use

1. Put the diaper under baby's body.
2. Pull the elastic side properly.
3. Apply both sides in symmetrical position on Landing zone.
4. Adjust the cuff around legs on both sides.

Caution: Avoid direct contact of tapes with baby's skin.
To avoid any danger of suffocation and strangulation, keep this plastic bag and handle away from babies and children.

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