Oral-B Ultra Thin Green Tea

•Contains 0.1~0.5% Green Tea extract;
•Superthin filament of 6mil (0.15mm) diameter at base;
•Soft brush to care for your delicate gum;
•Small head size (26mm bristle field by design) for maneuver in posterior areas.

Efficacy Claims

<0.01mm tips

0.01mm superthin tip

0.01mm Slim Strong Superthin filament ; Filament that is strong at the base, flexible at the tip

20X thinner bristle tips*  *vs regular manual bristles 

Improves gum health/reduces gingivitis in only 2 weeks

Reduces gum bleeding sites by 50% in 2 wks

Reduces plaque build-up and helps prevent gum issues

Clinically proven to effectively clean (bacteria) along the gumline

Super thin bristles can gently clean between teeth and below the gum line

Cleans effectively along the gum line

Superthin/ultrathin bristles reach up to 2x  deeper between teeth*  *vs regular, flat trim bristles. Based on laboratory testing.

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