Unexpected Treat

I'm one of those people who doubted the word FREE for simply signing up and all sorts of things.But my colleague convinced me to sign up in Everyday Me to get free samples for selected P&G products.Well since most of my time nakatutok lang ako sa computer,surfing the net and doing my job simultaneously.I took my chance,besides wala namang mawawala.I simply put all my details and grabbed whatever freebies Everyday Me has to offer that faithful day. Then today,coming home from work.Tired and a bit exhausted.My daughter handed me a pink envelope covered with plastic.Saw the Everyday Me logo and asked "May kasama pang iba to?" because I was hoping kasama na yung Whisper na sample.Pero wala.I was totally ecstatic when I saw the discount coupons!Screaming,I went straight to the dining table to check everything.Funny it may sound pero para akong nanalo ng Kabuhayan Showcase.I'm so happy.Kasi for some reason,I thought sa mga gantong pagkakataon hindi ako swerte.I always end up disappointed that's why I have doubts sa mga gantong bagay. Maybe for someone hindi big deal but for me,for the first time I feel I won something.By far, ito na yata ang kauna unahang pagkakataon na sinuwerte ako sa mga sign ups.Everyday Me changes my perspective when it comes to this sort of things.I couldn't thank enough P&G for taking time in sending me these coupons.Walang tapon talaga kasi lahat nito nasa bahay namin.We use them and we definitely LOVE them.More to come Everyday Me :)


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