The story of Ann and the green top

The story of Ann and the green top

Let’s talk about my favourite green top. It was really lovely. As I turned out years later, it also captured the heart of somebody else. My husband.

I was wearing it during my presentation about the international relations of our company. He was somewhere in the audience wandering about relations, but rather interpersonal than international: namely about us. To complete the picture I must add that I would have never found out about his intentions if it wasn’t for his friend. He said my future husband has made it clear in a pub after the presentation, that it was me he wanted.


I didn’t have a long term relationship with my favourite green top – as for my husband. After we met each other, I wanted to save this top for the future. It’s well known that people tend to celebrate the day they met with the love of their lives - and I just only wanted to preserve the moment with not throwing it away instantly.

Recently my teenage daughter dedicated herself to discover the hidden depth of my closet, hoping to find green clothes.


“You must have something green! It is your favourite colour! We are having environment conscious day in school and everybody will be dressed in green – don’t say I will be the only one who is not.”


“Come on, sweetie. Even if I had something green, how would it even look like on…?”



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And right in that moment, she just easily pulled out a green top from the deepest corner of the lowest shelf. She turned to me with a wide smile and a conspirator glance in her eyes. Then she tried it on. I must admit, it was perfect on her. When she appeared at breakfast wearing that, we exchanged a secret look with her father. I think that was the time when my washing expertise was recognized. Because I always had several discussions with my husband about why it’s important to separate the clothes according to colors and why I’m using different Ariel detergent to colored and white garments. Because keeping our favourites for a long time is always a must. And all these were in that secret look, not just the memory how we met each other.

Meanwhile my daughter was chit-chatting undisturbed: - Our school has just applied for a green school certification and according to our head teacher, we probably won it. And today I am giving a speech about environmental protection in front of class…

Her father just went pale and whispered in my ear resentfully: - Are you sure we should let her go to school wearing…..that specific green top?


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