The story of a morning

The story of a morning

This is how it works. A great story must have an engaging beginning, an interesting plot and a satisfactory ending. If one part is missing, the whole thing is in vain. When we open our closet in the morning, after a hot cup of tea or coffee, we open a full house of opportunity with hundreds of stories, memories and experiences preserved by our clothes. The scents, the fabrics and the colors are the very pillars that make the story of our clothes engaging and personal. Give them care and attention and they will take care of the rest – from the dawn until the night.

It all begins with the scent. Opening the closet and breathing in the fresh aroma can just put the mind in a perfect mood. Leafing through the clothes, feeling the fabrics – the ones that slightly glide through  the fingers, the knitted pieces that give warmth during chilly mornings, the lace, the leather, velvet and silk which were and will be parts of great memories and future plans. Letting our eyes get absorbed in the gorgeous sight, the wide range of vivid colors and plastic shades – all of them are unique by themselves, but also part of our personal history.

The protagonists of a perfect morning story. The story of how a rash daily routine can be transformed into an engaging ritual, when we let our senses drive us through the process of dressing up. Lenor will help us to capture the essence of a well-cared cloth, providing fresh and tender scents and great quality on long-term, starting the story of our days with a great upbeat - and closing it with a tender goodbye when the chosen pieces rejoin the rest of our clothes in the closet (giving space to the most comfortable ones in which we can calmly let our minds free laying on the sofa or reading a book).

No, this is not meant to be the story of a lifetime, this is only meant to be the story of a simple day. So let your clothes color up each and every day of your life with a gentle embrace on your skin and a long-lasting scent in your nose - every morning when you first meet in front of the wardrobe.



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