The Shopping List Hack

The Shopping List Hack

Gift-giving should happen all year round – with all the birthdays of your family and friends, and even at times when you just feel generous and grateful for the people around you. 

But what makes it difficult is getting the perfect gift for each person – might it be your mom, your dad, your tita, your cousin, or your BFF.

To address just that, I’ve crafted a short cheat-list for those of you in dire need of help figuring out what to give certain people. 

1.    Your Mom

Though a mom will love (or pretend to love) whatever it is that you will give her, it would be more beneficial for you and your mom to actually give her something she’d appreciate (that would be money well spent). Given how much she takes care of you and her household, it would be nice to give her the opportunity to be taken care of as well. This would be the perfect time to buy her a good perfume or a good moisturizer, or even a high-end lipstick! If you want something less complicated, you can also opt for a Spa visit—a day of pampering will definitely rest your mom’s overly active body parts. Besides, your mother is the Queen in your family’s eyes so make sure she can look and feel like one too.

2.    Your Dad

Your dad, on the other hand, won’t expect anything at all from you. They pride themselves in being the primary provider, after all. On your end however, this is the perfect time for you to show your appreciation for the main man in your life—and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy! What is important though is to keep it personal yet useful—a yearly subscription to his favorite sports channel will do or a box set of his favorite TV series/movie series can work as well. It can also be a collection of his favorite books or a tool set. The gifts might be simple but it does show your level of thoughtfulness by taking his interests and taste in consideration.

3.    Your Sister/s

Never mind the love-hate relationship with your sister, think of her deepest desires and make the most feasible one come true. Think of what it is that your sister wants but has never really gotten for herself because she thought it too trivial or too unnecessary—is it that fashionable top from an international brand or a pair of heels? Or is it that bold lipstick shade for night outs? Put yourself in her shoes and you’ll find this the easiest to accomplish.

Your Brother/s

Obviously, your brother won’t share the same wants as you do and they would least likely be sentimental about your gift. Though a new pair of sneakers would make them elated, you have your budget to consider and if that’s not something you can afford, then maybe a simple subscription to an online movie or music hub will do the trick. If they’re into sports, you can also opt to get them safe gym supplements or sports gear.  If they’re into technology, a foolproof cellphone case or a good set of headphones will also be something they appreciate.


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5.    The Titas

Titas are a bit easier to please—something functional yet sassy will allow them to appreciate just about anything. Send them a bottle of artisan jam from a reputable supplier… beats the typical cake and cookies they usually get. Gunning for something that’s non-perishable? Opt for a candle or a reed diffuser, which you can get from just about any home center.

The Uncles

These manly men would appreciate something attuned to their taste—why not give them something equally as strong? A bag or a can of good coffee beans will do the trick. It’s simple and it’s elegant.

Your Female Friends

Though DIYs are fairly easy to make and personal, you need to step it up this year. A framed picture of your group or a makeshift scrapbook won’t cut it. You’ll have a lifetime of mental memories and though it’s a nice effort to have a physical reminder, opt for something personalized and useful. Why not get them matching bathrobes or tank tops or bedroom slippers, with your friends’ initials embroidered? That way, all of you can use the same uniform during sleepovers for cute and Instagram-able photos!

Your Co-workers

Office paraphernalia might be apt considering the shared environment you all thrive in but… it’s a bit predictable and boring. A notebook or a pen? That’s something they can get from the supplies closet. You’re all constantly reminded of work already, so why not give them something different? Something that won’t necessarily remind them of the office? For female co-workers, a small bottle of hand lotion or sanitizer or lip balm will prove to be useful. For your male ones, a bottle of artisan beer or vodka-injected fruits or some nuts will be much appreciated—especially for days when they want to unwind. 

As they always say, it’s the thought that counts, but of course, it would be much better if you’re able to think of them and buy them things they would like. 

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