The Sartorial Perks Of Having Ex-Boyfriends

The Sartorial Perks Of Having Ex-Boyfriends

Believe it or not, having ex-boyfriends can actually be beneficial to your wardrobe. Sure, they broke your heart at some point and became the reasons why you locked yourself in your room and cried for a week, but they also probably left some things of theirs at your house. In fact, maybe you still have some sweaters or t-shirts of some of your exes stored up somewhere in a box in your bedroom. As I was cleaning out my room last weekend, I discovered something that belonged to my ex boyfriend (who also happens to be my first love, but let's not get into that). It was a dark blue blazer which he wore to one of our formal events back in high school in 2008. My first thought was to throw it away in the trash in the same way he threw away my heart. But as I thought about it, I realized that I could actually incorporate the blazer into my current wardrobe. After all, wearing oversized blazers is a trend that isn't going away any time soon (it's been around for years!) so I thought, why not? For today's OOTD, I went for an Asian preppy/nerdy look. To personalize the blazer a bit (and make it more "me" and less "him"), I attached some buttons and pins to the lapel. This also made it look a little less formal and slightly more youthful. To further downplay the formal vibe, I opted for leopard-print leggings to make the outfit edgier, then completed the ensemble with my yellow slip-ons. Voila! Who knew that my ex boyfriend's blazer would prove to be more useful to me than he ever was? So here's my fashion tip to you: If you still have clothes that belonged to your ex lying around somewhere in your room, think twice before throwing them away! Chances are, you'll find some way to turn them into permanent additions to your closet. You can use scissors to cut his t-shirt and transform it into a crop top (cut it up the way he cut your heart out!), or use his oversized sweater as a makeshift dress. The possibilities are endless! Don't let the clothes remind you of him or how much he broke you. Instead, each time you wear an item that previously belonged to an asshole ex, let it remind you of how strong you are, and how happy you are now.


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