The Perfect Outfit For A First Date

The Perfect Outfit For A First Date

Whether it’s dinner or biking on a Sunday afternoon, first dates can be worrisome – will I like him? Will he like me? And on Valentine’s Day, the pressure is bigger. You need to look extra attractive, even sexy. Lets find how to choose an outfit that’ll make you feel confident and beautiful.

Tracy Tynan, well-known Hollywood stylist and costumer, shares tips on finding the right outfit with a minimum of stress that will help you make a fabulous first impression.

Be Comfortable

“The most important thing is to be comfortable,” Tynan says, “Because first dates can be nerve-wracking!” She suggests wearing your favorite go-to pieces to keep you feeling relaxed and confident.

Her “Dress for Maximum Comfort” mantra extends to fit as well. “If you’re overweight, don’t wear the tightest clothes,” she says. “And if you’re thin, don’t wear baggy sweaters or pants.“ Highlight your best feature whether it’s long legs, toned arms or slim waist.

Tynan also cautions against buying a new outfit, which can add to your stress level. If your wardrobe needs a boost, she suggests limiting yourself to one item, such as a blouse or skirt. “But try not to put pressure on yourself to find the perfect thing,” she says, because who wants more drama?

Let the Venue be Your Guide

Whether you’re meeting for coffee or dinner, “Let the venue influence what you’ll wear so you’re not overdressed or underdressed,” Tynan says.

With a dressy event, black or dark jewel tones are best. “Every woman should have a little black dress,” she suggests. “There’s always a place to use it, whether it’s a funeral or a first date.”

If your meet-up is casual, jeans are a great pick but, “pair them with a silk blouse, crochet top or flirty heels,” she says. “It’s fun to combine something casual with something dressy.”

Accessorize Simply

“Accessories shouldn’t compete with your outfit so use them sparingly,” says Tynan. “Chunky jewelry is very chic right now, which looks great with a solid top but if your shirt is patterned go for something simpler like a chain necklace.” Pearls are also a classic and versatile choice. “Combine longer strands for a fun look, or try a choker if your neckline is low.”

Scarves, too, will add flair and chic. “They’re so flexible,” says Tynan. “If it’s chilly you can wrap them around your neck or shoulders, and if it’s hot they’re easily tucked into your purse. Just make sure the scarf doesn’t compete with your outfit.”

When choosing shoes, “Heels are more flattering with a dress or a skirt,” she says, or stay on trend with an ankle boot. “They’re both stylish and comfortable,” she laughs. As for purses, “You don’t have to bring everything to your first date.” So keep it small, sleek and understated.



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The number one fashion “no-no” on Tynan’s list? “ Too much makeup!” And don’t wear a difficult hair style that’s hard to maintain or covered in hairspray. “Keep your locks soft and natural,” she says.

“Whatever you wear should reflect your personality,” is her final advice. If you’re outgoing, wear your brightest colours. If you’re low-key, then stick to neutrals. “Don’t make yourself unrecognizable to your nearest friends and family,” she says. “You don’t want to present a false impression of who you really are.”

Feeling comfortable and relaxed is the key to looking confident, sexy and beautiful on a first date—whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.

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