Spring colors

Spring colors

Spring is the perfect season to show yourself from your most colorful side. You can wear pastels and bright colours, even mixed, and thanks to fashion’s new term ’colour blocking’, there really are no limits when it comes to wearing and mixing colours - only your style and how you care for your favourites can limit your fantasy.

Colours are always in. If you want to be trendy, you can buy some pieces and accessories that feature The Trend colour of the year, but you should always stick to your favourites, and take good care of them. These are the colors you love to wear, no matter fashion – because style is eternal, and it always reflects your personality and mood. That’s why you should always know a color’s meaning. They carry a message, affecting what others think about you. So, make sure you know which color says what – avoid the ones that make you feel uncomfortable, and wear the ones that make you shine. No matter what color you choose, its brightness also carries important signals to the world around you. The main rule? If you take good care of your colors, and they will bring the most out of you. Here’s how.


  • Always read the labels on your colored clothing about washing instructions.
  • For colored clothes that can be washed at home, you first need to sort them according to color. Separate dark from light, bright from faded.
  • Bright clothes such as purples, reds, oranges, and bright yellows can be washed together. Bright blues and greens can also be washed together. If you have one item with nothing else to wash it with, consider washing it by hand.
  • Examine your colored clothing for stains and treat them with a small amount of laundry detergent. Ariel’s stain removal power will do its wonders.
  • Turn your new colored clothes inside out, and put them in the washing machine. Do not overstuff the machine, and wash the items on as gentle a cycle as is necessary to clean your clothes. A gentle or medium wash cycle should be sufficient. Especially if you are using Ariel detergent.
  • Wash your new colored clothes in cold water and use Ariel.
  • As soon as your colored clothing is done washing, remove it from the machine. Allowing colored clothes to sit in a washing machine may cause the colors to leech onto other items.
  • Hang your colored clothes to dry. Avoid using the dryer if possible because the dryer will cause your clothing to fade faster and also set any stains that you may have missed.



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No matter the season, try Ariel Color & Style, because Ariel Color helps remove many tough stains and helps to keep the colors bright for longer. So you can show your true colors for longer. Your bright personality always deserves bright colors making you shine.

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