Which clothing reflects your personality?

Garments reflect mindsets, just like you wear clothes based on your personality. Take the test to find out which clothing you are.

1. How do your weekends usually look like?

a. To me weekends mean 'doing nothing specific': lying in bed, reading a book and maybe go out for a lunch/dinner (2 points)
b. During the weekends I do all the chores I haven't had the time to do during weekdays and spend time with my family (1 point)
c. I always set up some parties or night outs with my friends (4 points)
d. I don't make plans, I just go with the flow (3 points)

2. Are you willing to get rid of the clothing you haven't worn in a long time?

a. Clothing has a sentimental meaning to me, they are a part of me, I can't part with them (1 point)
b. I sort them out every half year (4 points)
c. I only throw them out if they are ripped or stained and I can't mend them at home (2 points)
d. I don't even know what kind of clothing might be hiding in the back of my closet, but I love surprises (3 points)

3. How do you pack when holiday is coming?

a. In the last moment I throw everything in the bag (3 points)
b. I throw stuff in the bag whenever I got the time (2 points)
c. I make a list and I dedicate a whole day to pack everything in the right order (1 point)
d. I pack from shopping bags, because I totally buy loads of new stuff for this occasion (4 points)

4. Which is your favorite piece of clothes?

a. My shoes (2 points)
b. My jacket/coat (1 point)
c. My bag (3 points)
d. All of it (4 points)

5. What you usually consider to be the most important thing when it comes to clothing:

a. Brand (3 points)
b. Price (1 point)
c. Comfort (2 points)
d. Style (4 points)

6. What statement defines your relation to fashion the best?

c. I don't do fashion, I AM fashion (3 points)
b. Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman (1 point)
c. Clothes aren't going to change the world, women who wear them will (4 points)
d. A girls should be two things: classy and fabulous (2 points)

7. When you think of a perfect vacation: which place pops in your mind?

a. a beach resort (1 point)
b. a metropolis (4 points)
c. a mountain landscape (2 points)
d. a jungle (3 points)

8. Which city can you identify yourself with?

a. NYC (2 points)
b. Tokyo (4 points)
c. Paris (3 points)
d. I don't really like big cities (1 point)

8-14 points: You are like a Cardigan

You like to dress casually, but you value comfort and style, so cardigans really work for you. They are easy-going, but fancy, suitable for any occasion even if it is a simple work day or a random night-out with your friends. You are up for any adventure, but also appreciate the comfort of a calm and home-spent afternoon.

You don't really like to spend ages picking out your clothes, so you appreciate the most convenient ways and go for garments that look good with everything. Ariel is there for you to care for those pieces so you don't have to waste one moment of your free time worrying about undesirable stains. To keep them gorgeous always wash them at 30 degrees with Ariel laundry detergent.

15-21 points: You are like Denim

You don't really make strict plans, you are extroverted and outgoing. You are a person who easily adjust and can always see the positive side of anything, with the great characteristic of being able to pass it on. You just put on a denim and you are ready to change the world. You don't really make fuss about things, fashion and dressing up included. But of course, you want to look impeccable for whatever your day might bring in your path. If you choose Ariel laundry detergent, you can get your laundry done fast and effective only in 1 wash and you can proceed with your day and do whatever you please to do - your clothes will be suitable for that. Just two things: always wash them inside out and don't over dry. And another hint: darker colors are in trend when it comes to jeans.

22-26 points: You are like a Blouse

You have a sophisticated taste, you like being elegant, but not overdressed. You are a smooth person with a very refined appetite for beauty and charm, and you do believe that appearances make an impression - but you never overdo it. You are exquisite and you always make a good impression without being pushy at all. You have a great taste in fashion, you not only put on a clothing, but you can actually fill it up with your charisma. Take care of your blouses with Ariel: immaculate cleanliness, with engaging fragrant. Always wash according to care labels. Sleeves tend to tangle in the washer, so detergent might stuck. Adding a couple of white towels to small loads will solve this problem.

27-32 points: You are like a Pencil skirt

You always own the look, regardless what you are wearing. You have a sharp taste in fashion and a clear view of do's and don'ts when it comes to that. A pencil skirt is a timeless piece that expresses confidence, refined taste and ambition: it is definitely made for you. The strength of a pencil skirt is that it beautifully highlights your figure and makes your waist look even thinner. Avoid folding them, because it can leave a mark in the fabric, and have a fabric shaver at home to get rid of the fluffs, stuck on the fabric (especially annoying on darker colors) before you head out to start your day. Stretching out of shape and losing original color could be a problem, so try one of Ariel laundry detergent, it will work for you perfectly: neither does it know any compromises when it comes to stains.

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