The Closet Refresh Your Partner Desperately Needs

The Closet Refresh Your Partner Desperately Needs

You love him just the way he is but that doesn’t mean you always love his clothes! So, why not help him start the new year with a stylish...

Style conscious men are spending more money on the latest fashion trends than ever before, but if your other half is definitely not one of those men - you might need to do a fashion intervention to update his wardrobe for the New Year. It's not that you don't love him in the same pair of jeans and T shirt, but it's been his uniform since the day you met and it's time for a refresh. A 2018 wardrobe clear-out followed by an afternoon of shopping should rectify the problem. Make sure to treat yourselves to a romantic lunch in-between, and enjoy spending time with your partner rediscovering why you were so attracted to him in the first place.


1. Check the 'joy' factor

Renowned decluttering expert Marie Kondo advises that when it comes to throwing things away, the key question to ask is 'Does this item bring me joy?'. This logic applies to a wardrobe makeover too. Get your partner to try everything on and ask whether they make him happy - that can be either sentimental (like keeping his wedding suit or that jumper he wore on your first date) or because he likes the way the item makes him look. If anything is hanging in the wardrobe for the sake of it or doesn't fit properly, then it is time to part ways.


2. Look out for 'boomerang' fashion

As with womenswear, sometimes men's fashion trends come back around to haunt us. So if your partner has been hoarding clothes at the back of the closet for years, some of them might be due an airing once more. Roll necks, corduroy, silk shirts, camel coats and double-breasted jackets and are all back in vogue this season. If he's gained - or lost - a few pounds, a little money spent on getting items altered could be a good investment; otherwise, if they're still in good condition, fit him well and look on-trend, they can be even better second time around, no expenditure required.


3. Take a look at his denim choices

Increasingly men are investing more money on better quality denim in more interesting styles. Gone are the dad jeans of the past, and instead a wider variety of styles from skinny jeans to colorful denim are now widely available. Investing in good denim is money well spent, so take him to a department store and try on plenty of different brands and styles until he finds one he loves (then consider buying three pairs).


4. Add some color

Does he live in T-shirts or the same sweater? No problem: Simply update the color scheme instead of the style. Moss and olive greens, camels, scarlet red and orange hues are all popular this year and will give his look a modern update without upsetting his style.


5. Modern workwear

Suits don't have to be boring! Play with fabrics and textures including plaid and quilting. Or why not change the style? Boxy double breasted suits are the antidote to the slim-fit tailoring of recent years, and the catwalks were awash with ties (especially of the patterned silk variety) and tie pins, so dressing for the office has never been so fashionable.


6. Sportswear for every occasion

It's a trend that just keeps growing, and this year wearing a hybrid of sportswear as everyday wear is set to rise again and become increasingly high tech. Think cutting edge fabrics and sleek design. If you encourage him to buy one item of winter fashion, make it a padded jacket - the menswear catwalks proved voluminous padded coats are the practical must-have item of the season. He'll be the most stylish dad walking the dog in town.


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