The perfect pair of jeans

Find the pair that fits you right, and learn how to make them last longer.

The most wonderful thing about jeans is their versatility. Whether you are clearing out the garage, going to work or on your way to party, you can always wear a nice pair of jeans. But finding the right pair is not always easy. There is a lot to consider before taking the plunge and they must make you look even more stunning than you already are. It is important to consider the following when hunting for your perfect pair:

  • Large pockets make your butt more striking.
  • Back pockets slanted inwards towards each other give your butt a boost, as do high waists.
  • V-shape waistbands lift your buttocks whereas A-line ones broaden them.

Different shaped bottoms require different jeans.

Wide bottom Avoid bright shades and preferably choose a plain colour. If you have wide hips, avoid skinny models and choose a straight leg instead. Pockets should sit on the butt, to give it a boost. Choose a high or normal waist. Baggy Models shorten your legs and make you look wider.

Flat bottom If you have thin thighs bright jeans are good as they enlarge the butt. Slanted pockets and A-line fits suit you best. Skinnies are your best friend and low-cuts make your bum look plumper and give the impression of more hips. Stay-away from baggies which will make your butt disappear.

Voluptuous bottom Choose dark jeans and straight legs with a high waist. Skinnies enlarge your butt even more. If you want to flatter your appearance go for long pockets. This butt looks great in baggies but make sure they are tight over the bum and a little looser on the thighs (although not too loose as your thighs might look larger).

Pear shaped bottom After one or more children, you may be pear shaped. Opt for a V-fit to lift your buttocks, high pockets and normal or slightly high waist. Thin legs can wear skinnies. Wide thighs or short legs should opt for a straight leg. Baggy models should be avoided as they risk reinforcing your pear shape.

Round or muscular bottom Whether you've worked out to have a rounder more muscled bum or have been graced with one from birth, you're lucky. Most jeans will fit, even the baggy model! Feel free to indulge in all sorts of models, shapes and colours.

Quick Guide

High waist - emphasises your hips but gives your legs a longer look.

Low waist - makes your bum look wider and shortens your legs.

Normal waist - affects very little.


Bleached and bright washes make you look bigger.

Dark wash - reduces your butt, thighs and hips.

Normal wash - affects very little.

Once you've chosen the perfect pair of jeans to fit your body type, make sure that you care for it properly. Make your jeans last longer, and keep the fabric soft and smelling fresh all day by using Downy fabric conditioner after each wash.

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