How to get rid of moths in your wardrobe without mothballs

What can be done if you cannot stand the smell of mothballs, but moths have already eaten a hole in your favorite jacket? Take it easy and don't lapse into despair - there is an alternative to mothballs, it grows in fields and on trees, is freely available and smells good.

One of the most widespread natural remedies of getting rid of moths easily is lavender. Its fragrance deters the insect from your favorite garment made of wool and fur. For a small wardrobe one or two lavender sachets will be enough, and moths will never find their way to your clothes.

If you have no dried lavender on hand, use lavender soap to kill moths. Just open a soap bar wrapping and put it into your wardrobe. This soap produces the same strong fragrance as the dried plant. But it is more pleasant than the smell of mothballs!

How else can we get rid of moths? An efficient way of combating this destructive insect is orange peels. Moths cannot stand the smell of bright citrus plants. Thus, after eating the fruit, don't throw away the peels. They should be dried and put into linen bags. If you have no linen, an ordinary cloth will do. With the help of this simple remedy you will be able to get rid of moths easily and quickly. You can also place dried orange peels around randomly. Using oranges will deter not only moths from your clothes, but also a cat if it has a habit of getting into the wardrobe. Not everybody likes this behavior of a pet, therefore dried orange peels will solve two problems at once.

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