How to dress kids for a wedding

The dos and don'ts of dressing little wedding guests Weddings are a special time for everyone involved, from the bridal shower to the Big Day. Children also have fun at the celebration, but what should they wear?

Weddings are the perfect occasion to don our finest attire, from pretty hats to shiny shoes. A flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle will look precious. So is it time to buy your son his first suit? Should your daughter wear a princess dress? Perhaps less fancy apparel is appropriate and may also be more practical.

Consider the following when choosing outfits for your kids.

1. Gender specifics

Girls' princess dresses are adorable but be sure you don't send a mini-bride down the aisle. Avoid full-length dresses. This leads to tripping, ripped hems and the occasional fall. Good lengths are just below the knee, mid-calf and above the ankle. You might coordinate the color with the bridesmaids' color scheme to let your child fit in tastefully.

Boys might not enjoy getting dressed up as much as girls. Suits are advisable for formal weddings and tuxedos are reserved for black-tie weddings. Otherwise, trousers with a matching blazer or jacket are a good bet. Matching the groom and the groomsmen will allow your child to fit in and look good. Keep it simple and solid.

2. Dress for comfort

Avoid tight-fitting clothes. You can still keep kids stylish with a loose fit. Kids move around a lot, dancing and playing with other children and a little wiggle room is always better. Kids grow fast so there may be more opportunities to wear these clothes. You can also make alterations if necessary, which a tight fit won't allow. ?Leave layers for another time. Kids will need frequent restroom breaks (especially younger children). Layers can be cumbersome and make them hot and irritable.

If you're attending a local wedding, why not have your kids wear their very own Barong Tagalog or a Filipiniana-inspired dress? Not only are they light and airy, but these traditional Filipino designs will make an eye catching and lovely fashion statement on your little ones!

With shoes, keep it simple. Stylish flats for girls are best and a nice pair of patent leather shoes for boys. If their feet get sore, don't be surprised if you find their shoes in a corner.

3. Be practical

When dressing your child for a wedding, consider the season. Warmer weather is the perfect time for a lovely tea dress for girls, and cotton polo shirts under blazers instead of button-up dress shirts for boys. Remember, comfort is key.

Choose kid-friendly colors. You may want to go a little darker in color if you fear spills and smudges.? Kids tend to get messy with food and drink spills. Keep that in mind when choosing the fabric. Choose something durable that can stand wear and tear. However, using a gentle yet tough stain remover like Ariel, along with a fabric softener like Downy will restore your kids' clothes back to new again!

4. Have fun accessorize!

For the girls: A bow for the hairdo adds charm and whimsy?Sparkly jewelry like a locket or small pearls add a special touch Lace-trimmed ankle socks or frilly tights add subtle pizzazz

For the boys: Bowties jazz up any look. ?An attractive tie works well for older boys

Finally, let the kids be kids and enjoy the occasion!

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