How To Dress For Rainy Weather

The rainy season doesn't have to come between you and your sense of style. Get the kids involved in shopping for rainwear and add some fun to the task of looking chic while shielding yourself from the rain.

Rain boots

On rainy days, it's likely there's nothing worse for moms than cold, wet toes. For the little ones outside, there are puddles waiting to be jumped in. Rain boots are essential to keep both you and the kids happy when there's rain to be enjoyed outside.

Whether you prefer full-length or short boots, look for durability when picking gumboots. Rain boots can be worn on a number of occasions so you don't have to worry about investing in a good pair only to have them sit in the house unused most of the time.

Thicker socks will make rain boots more comfy, with frequent drying between wears to avoid staining and dampness. Splash around all day with a good pair of gumboots to protect your feet.


It is always a good idea to keep a few disposable raincoats and ponchos in the car and school bags for emergencies. Also consider getting fabric rain coats if you don't want to keep throwing them away. Choose functional raincoats with hoods and easy-to-fasten poppers.

Raincoats and rain pants (waterproof rain attire made of polyurethane) are great at repelling water, perfect for if your little one likes to play around in puddles.

Rain Hats

Finding a good rain hat isn't easy, so when you find one, hold on to it. Rain hats are like little umbrellas that fits around your head so you can keep your stylish hairdo under a protective, waterproof layer right up to the time you get home again.

For kids, it is recommended to buy rain hats with straps so their heads are securely protected while braving the storm.

There's no such thing as too much waterproofing when the rains begin. Let the kids choose the rain gear they like and they might insist on wearing them even when it's not wet outside.
With an umbrella and the right outfit choices, rainy days don't have to be stay-in days. 


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