The 5 Step Holiday Wardrobe Detox That Will Simplify Your Life

The 5 Step Holiday Wardrobe Detox That Will Simplify Your Life

Are you lost in your wardrobe? Do you have many clothes but no outfits? This handy detox guide will help you revamp your wardrobe...

A full closet with nothing to wear? Still holding on to that pair of jeans from 1998 that you cannot fit into? Bought something in a sale but never worn it? This five-step wardrobe detox will help you keep what you need, love and cherish, and get rid of the rest!

1. Get rid of anything that doesn't currently fit

That pair of jeans that you have had since before you had kids? The blouse that is just a little too baggy for you? Now is the time to be brave and get rid of everything that doesn't fit fabulously! You want your clothes to work for you, accentuate your best points and make you feel wonderful, so anything that doesn't fit right needs to go! Too worried about changing shape or needing to get back something that's gone? Put everything in a bag, store properly and only throw away in a few months' time - it is a lot easier to part with something that has been out of sight and out of mind!

2. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in the last year

We often keep pieces that we feel we will wear… at some point. If you haven't actually worn it, whether it's because it doesn't fit (see the first point), because it doesn't go with anything else you own or simply because it doesn't make you feel wonderful, then bin it. Make space for pieces that you look forward to putting on!

3. Keep the pieces you really love, and wear them often!

We all have that one piece that we'd love to wear more often, but we can often fall into the mindset of 'saving' it. There's no reason! By taking proper care of your favorites you can have years of happy wearing, even delicates and knits. Clothes that make us feel great should be worn, not sit in our closet! So grab that brightly colored dress that's been sitting in your closet and use it for one of your holiday parties!

4. Create outfits

Use a few classic, well-made pieces: a tailored jacket, a couple of shirts, a killer pair of jeans or work trousers. Make 5-6 combinations that you know work, including shoes and accessories, take a photo of each one and stick the photos on the inside of your closet door. Refer to the photos when you need inspiration, or are stuck for what to wear.

5. Keep color in mind

A splash of color can give every outfit an instant lift. Plus, they look great in pictures! Have a few key pieces that you can mix and match to brighten and individualize each outfit. These are especially great for those upcoming reunions during the Christmas season.  If you have young kids keep in mind that colors, patterns and black (an all-time classic) fare better than bright whites.

Have you done a wardrobe detox recently? We'd love to hear what steps you took below! And be sure to check out Ariel for tips on how to keep your family's clothes shining.

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