We Tried It: 5 ways to change the way you dress and feel great

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Suffering from a feeling of style malaise? These easy tips will help you break out of that rut and be fashion confident again without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe.

The same old uniform of jeans and a sweater getting you down? It's time to breathe new life into your wardrobe and reinvigorate your passion for fashion. But before you start bracing the credit cards for a shopping spree, first take an alternative look at the items you already own. With a few tweaks, the dream wardrobe that will make you look and feel amazing could already be hanging in your closet.

Start at the beginning

Before you take a ruthless look at your clothes, first examine your underwear drawer. Having good foundations is the key to a successful outfit and will make you feel good and boost your confidence. Discard old or damaged undergarments and get fitted for a bra to check you are still wearing the right size. Invest in a collection of underwear that will support your wardrobe, from t-shirt bras, to a good strapless bra, and invisible underwear.


Practice the art of accessory layering

It's time to have fun mixing and layering items of jewellery for a modern look. There are no unmoveable style rules here, but if you're looking for a starting point - play with the different lengths of your necklaces. Wear a simple shirt, add a delicate 16-inch necklace that sits high around your neck, and then add another two necklaces that are two inches longer each time. Or why not give your watch some company by stacking it with some bangles and thin bracelets for an effortless style statement.


Make a closet directory

Despite what those effortlessly stylish women may say; it takes work to have an enviable wardrobe. Dedicate an afternoon to going through your clothes and playing dress-up. Instead of putting on the same old outfit, experiment by mixing up items and trying on new combinations. You'll be amazed at which clothes can be given a new lease of life when teamed with a different pair of trousers, or layered over a crisp white shirt. Then when you find a new outfit you love, take a photo on your phone so that you'll never have the 'what should I wear?' dilemma again.


Take care of your clothes

It doesn't matter how much you spend on your garments, but it does matter how you take care of them. Whether you're wearing jeans or a ball gown, a secret all stylish women know is to make sure your clothes look polished. That means clean shoes, clothes without creases and bobble free knitwear. But as your time is sparse, simply start with your washing. Use a detergent such as Ariel with Power of Safeguard, which has a powerful de-germing component that cleans, lift stains and brightens your clothes. For plenty of expert advice on how to iron, store and care for your clothes, visit Ariel.

Rethink your footwear

Often the key to an elegant outfit is to start from the ground up. A simple look such as a well-fitting pair of jeans and a grey crew neck sweater can be given that fashion twist with a statement shoe. Try adding a pair of fashion trainers to your wardrobe for a confident look that's as practical as it is chic or why not invest in a pair of chunky platform sandals for summer and put your best foot forward when the sunshine arrives.

How have you shaken up your wardrobe to look and feel better? Share your story and fashion advice in the comments below...

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