10 Summer Trends that Never Go Out of Style

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Key style trends to adopt this season. Fashion trends may change with each season, but certain rules for appearing stylish in summer remain timeless. Clothing shades from blinding white to gauzy wheat are your best choices for outfits that beat the heat. Pair light colors with this summer's hit print, gingham (plaid), for an updated yet enduring look. Our guide will guarantee you will be fashionably chic wherever the summer breeze carries you.

1. The Cure for White Pants Phobia!

When you find a pair of white slacks that fits well, it's like winning the lottery. Buy two! White fabric is often more transparent than women like, especially when wet, so look for white denim. The fabric is relaxed, the weight prevents skin show-through and is easily laundered if you spill something. For panties, choose a skin-tone color as white ones don't blend as easily.

2. This Year's Vintage Alternative

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a pair of mid-calf capri pants. The name derives from the Italian isle of Capri, where the pants rose to popularity in the late ‘50s and early '60s. If they were good enough for Hollywood star, Grace Kelly, they're good enough for you. This year's variation is wider, cropped trousers—if you prefer a modern twist.

3. Tank You Very Much

Cotton tank tops can be worn individually or layered for extra flair. Pair them with a pencil skirt, shorts or under a jacket for casual days at the office.

4. Ahoy, Matey!

Even if you don't plan to go sailing this summer, there's no escaping nautical fabrics. The classic navy horizontal stripe has been reimagined in so many creative styles that you'll miss the boat if you don't choose at least one nautical-themed top this season.

Don't Skirt the Issue

Less is more in the heat of the summer. A lightweight linen pencil skirt is appropriate for the office while longer, bohemian styles (especially at the beach) can deliver mobility and a degree of sun protection.

5. Where's the Cutoff?

Cutoff shorts should stay in the closet this season. Trade them in for tailored shorts in a bold floral or embellished fabric that adds a touch of sophistication to the look. This style, more than any, requires that w omen choose age-appropriate lengths. The younger you are the shorter the short.

6. Slip into a Simple Frock

We can't stress enough how valuable a simple form-fitting dress is this summer. The choice of bright white or a light pastel will complement your bronze body. A simple baby-doll silhouette can be dressed up with a statement necklace for special occasions or worn to work by throwing a classic blazer over it.

7. Blazer of Glory

If the weather turns chilly in the evening, throw a jean jacket over a flirty sundress or capris. Summer is a more casual time of year and a denim jacket is acceptable for dress- down days at the office, too. A lightweight white blazer is also the perfect article of clothing to take you from day to evening.

8. The Great Coverup

Nothing signals summer faster than swimsuit anxiety. Savvy women stockpile a variety of coverups. They range in style from skirts that conceal your lower half to short, sassy rompers and even maxi dresses. With the right accessories no one w ill notice a little bump or bulge here or there.

Designers are always trying new fabrics and shapes to create fresh takes on summer clothing. This season you'll see lots of cropped tops and garments with fringe, including vests.

Silhouettes are looser and more forgiving, while materials are playful and unique. As you appraise your summer outfits, consider trying one new cut or fabric that puts a modern twist on an old favorite.

With so many lovely fashion choices to stay fabulous looking all summer, don't forget to keep clothes in tip top shape by using a fabric conditioner that softens and protects your clothes. Downy's Sunrise Fresh has a light, lingering scent that will keep you smelling great all day!

Did we miss out on any other special summer trends? Write them in the comments section below!

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