Ways on how to prevent wrinkles

This is probably one of the great fears of women, to have wrinkles all over their faces. Well, we're on the same boat, as I always get to think of ways on how to prevent my face from looking old. Yes, we cannot stop from getting old, because that's just how it is, but having "wrinkles" even when we're just on our late 20's??, that is a big NO!. This must already be a sign of bad practices such unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, vices and so many more. So I don't want to go around the bush anymore. Let's get started. :) Here now are the ways to achieve a wrinkle-free skin: #1. Have enough rest and sleep. > 8-10 hours of sleep will help you prevent to lose collagen. Collagen is actually an abundant protein in our body which is mainly responsible for giving us a firm skin. Not only that, it takes care of our nails and hair too. So, Do you think it's really hard to get some sleep? No!, right ?, So this one is very achievable. *Don't worry I'll have a separate topic as to why collagen loses when we fail to achieve a desired hours of sleep. #2. Eat Healthy. >There is a saying that goes, "We are what we eat". If you had trouble sleeping, you'll lose "Collagen", right?, Don't you worry because there are ways to regain collagen. You've probably had an idea about it already. Yes!, There are foods which helps to produce collagen. A good example of foods which helps with the production of collagen are: celery, fish, broccoli and fruits rich in vitamin C. *I will also write a separate topic about foods that helps produce collagen in our body. #3. Healthy lifestyle >This is the last but not the least way of achieving a wrinkle-free skin. This one incorporates so many other bad habits that you may probably have been doing for the past years. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are one of the reasons why we damage our skin. Cigarettes and liquors greatly affect our skin. The chemicals on both of these, releases too much toxins in our body, that inhibits us from achieving a firmer and younger-looking skin. So stay away from either of these. If you can't help it, at least cut off the excessive usage of it. Moving on, the thing that also greatly affects your look is "Make-up". You may want to try not putting too much chemicals on your face, because these are all being sucked up by your skin. So, the thing to remember is to wash you face as soon as you get home, free it from chemicals at night. Also, Be wary of what facial soaps, foams, creams etc. that choose, as these will also give a bad effect your face later on. So, I am done, always remember that sometimes we have to flaunt our faces naturally, without having too much make-ups. We don't get to realize that it just hinders us from showing our true beauty. Hope you enjoyed this short article. Suggestions about any interesting topics will be highly appreciated. Thanks and Take care :)


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