Finishing Touch - Bohemian Belt

Finishing Touch - Bohemian Belt

This trendy accessory is cute and easy to make.

Bohemian Belt
Is your outfit looking bland and boring? Add a plaited woollen belt for the perfect boho touch.

You will need:

  • 4 balls of wool in different colours
  • sewing scissors

To make:

Step 1 - Align the ends of all four balls of wool and cut at 1.5m. Repeat 13 times.


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Step 1

Step 2 - Using an offcut of wool, tie the 1.5m strands together at one end.

Step 2

Step 3 - Plait the wool.

Step 3

Step 4 - Using a wool off-cut, tie the other ends of the wool strands together.

Step 4

Step 5 - Trim the tassel to the desired length on both sides of the belt.

Step 5

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