Experience and Afterthoughts on Safeguard for Men

Experience and Afterthoughts on Safeguard for Men

There’s something about guys who smell good that’s like a natural high for us women. I don’t know what it is, but a good smelling guy equals attractive to me. My boyfriend is one of those guys whom before I started dating perpetually smelled oh so good. Sometimes I worried he even smelled better than me. Of course, this was before we started dating. Now that I’m with him almost every day of the week, I’ve learned that my boyfriend is pretty much human too.

My boyfriend complains of sweating at least once a day. I thought that was just his body type, but as I recently learned, men can sweat up to 10 litres a day! Sweat, no matter on women or men, creates an environment for germs to multiply and cause body odor, and sometimes deodorant just isn’t enough. One of the problems my boyfriend gets is body odour after working out, and because it’s not advised to immediately shower after you exercise he has to deal with body odour for quite a while before he can completely wash off.

I got hold of the Safeguard Hair and Body Wash For Men and asked him to try it out and see if its Sweat-Activated Odor Shield Perfume Technology actually works. Now, here’s the thing about my boyfriend, he’s a bit of a germaphobe. He has the habit of showering in the morning, working out in the afternoon, and showering again after his exercise, and maybe shower again before bedtime. The first time he tried Safeguard Hair and Body Wash For Men in the morning, not only did he smell good throughout the morning, it lasted until after his work out. I asked him to test it out a few more times just to make sure it’s effective, and he agrees that it works as advertised and was quite pleased with the product. I, too, love that he smells great 100% of the time, but mostly I’m glad I don’t have to hear him complain of body odour after working out anymore.


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Safeguard for Men comes in the form of a bar of soap and hair and body wash. I and my boyfriend personally prefer the wash form because you get a 2-in-1 action, and it’s easier to bring around and travel with. The bar of soap works the same way, so it’s great to still have in the shower, it’s just not as convenient to bring around if you’ll be traveling or going to the gym all the time.

I’ve used the product a few times after working out as well, and I hope that someday Safeguard will release the same product for us ladies in the future.

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