Everyday Me Card and Safeguard Derma Sense Body Wash

Last month, I received my Everyday Me card. A nice way to start the New Year, right? Thank you P&G! Along with the card, I received numerous discount certificates that I distributed to friends. Share the blessings, why not? I get to try the new Safeguard Derma Sense Body Wash! I was dying to try out all their Derma Sense product range. The Safeguard Derma Sense body wash comes out with a clear liquid wash unlike other body wash. It's not sticky but glides on smoothly when lathered on skin. When you say Safeguard, you think about anti-bacterial treatment. But with this body wash, you get the same treatment but feel luxurious at the same time. Again, thank you P&G!


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Can I ask, how to join. On how to get the everyday me card.

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