A lift for your eyebrows

A lift for your eyebrows

Your eyebrows are a really important feature of your face. And they can totally change the image that others have of you. Did you know that? Well-shaped eyebrows always make an effect. Your friends will say that you look radiant, without really knowing what changed. It's all in the art of the eyebrow!


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Step 1: keep them in shape

Take it easy. If you have bushy eyebrows, don't go to ultra-fine eyebrows from one day to the next. Start by analyzing the natural shape of your eyebrows. Are they straight? Curved? V-shaped? Keep this in mind when you start plucking.

Step 2: pluck carefully

Always remove hairs below the eyebrow, never above it. Your aim is to raise the eyebrow's line, not to flatten it. Also make sure you don't pluck too much from the eye's inner corner. When the eyebrow is not lined up with the eye's inner corner, it looks artificial.

Step 3: watch for balance

Work on both eyebrows at the same time. Remove a few brow hairs from the left-hand eyebrow, then remove the same quantity from the right-hand eyebrow before continuing on the left-hand eyebrow. This way you can keep an overall view of the result.

Step 4: define your limits

Put a pencil vertically against your nostril. Remove all the brow hairs growing beyond the pencil line (nose side). Then put the pencil diagonally from the base of your nose to the outer corner of the eye. Remove all the brow hairs growing beyond the pencil line (ear side).

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