A fresh look

A fresh look

You gave your all at work and let loose on the dance floor but when the alarm clock rang, your eyes give it away. We know that the eye contour is fine and delicate. So unless huge VIP-style sunglasses are an option, follow these tips to get your fresh look back!


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Step 1: An eye bath

Perk up your eyes in a flash with a soothing eye bath. Use an eye wash solution or just cold tap water. You could put an ice cold spoon on your eyes instead.

Step 2: Apply a beauty treatment

Try a gel or cream for the eyes for a radiant, visibly younger look. Don't forget that the eye contour is delicate and that it needs particular care.

Step 3: Choose the right makeup

Apply an eye cream and use these makeup tips: a good concealer to hide your shadows, of course, and also a stroke of pale eye shadow just below the brow bone to illuminate your look.

Step 4: Liven up your look

A volumizing mascara will give you an alert, lively, confident look all day long. And if you go out after a long hard day's work, why not go for false eyelashes?

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