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With all the different creams coming out in the market, it's so easy to feel deluged, and wonder - How ever am I to choose which one is for me?

Since I've tried out Olay's Pore Minimizing Cream, I'm rather partial to it not only because I love the hydrated effect it gives my skin, but also because it is paired with a toner that doesn't sap the life out of your skin.

So I was a bit apprehensive to try out another cream but as far as CC Creams go, Olay White Radiance CC Cream delivers on two important promises. First, it effectively hides those little blemishes so your makeup looks flawless. As a Cover and Correct cream, it works a lot like a concealer but also works to correct those imperfections each time you use it. So the blemishes don't just hide under the product, they become lighter with constant use. You start to see a visible difference after about a week of using it.


Secondly, Olay White Radiance CC Cream lives up to its name. It has a brightening effect so my skin actually glows when I use it, yet it has none of the greasy feel! I love the light coverage it provides that is perfect for daytime use. But if you have something special planned and want a little more coverage, a bit of foundation or powder over it does the trick!

Overall, I find Olay White Radiance CC Cream effective in evening my skin tone, covering up blemishes, and leaving my skin looking hydrated! That's a powerful combination.

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