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Olay Body Wash for Refreshing, Cooling, and Deep Moisture for Your Skin!

All my life, or at least as far back as I can remember, I've only used a body wash twice. The first left my skin too dry, while the other gave me some kind of allergy. So, I swore off all body washes altogether and always only used a really mild bar soap in the shower. But the promise of Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash is just too good to pass up -- refreshing scents with the breakthrough outlast formula that penetrates the skin for long-lasting moisture! Besides who knows more about skin moisturizers than the people behind Olay. I trust them with my face, so why not the rest of my body, right?

They have several variants and I got to try three: Cooling Strawberry with Mint, Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea, and Deep Moisture with Honey. I love how they leave my skin smooth, supple, and fragrant all day. No more dry skin. No more skin rashes.


Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash leaves the skin hydrated. And these three variants are perfect for summer because they leave the skin feeling refreshed.

My favorite of the three variants? Definitely Cooling Strawberry with Mint! I felt fresh and smelled great all day! Even on a hot summer day, my skin feels refreshed and soft to the touch. Now that I've found a body wash that works for me, I'm not going back to using bar soaps for a while, that's for sure.

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