Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

These 8 makeup techniques used with the right products will bring out your real beauty.

If you're stuck in a routine of heavy liners and dated eye shadow colors or just craving something new, a natural look is a fresh way to mix things up.

You don't need much to achieve a natural look. All it takes is a few products and simple techniques to look polished, healthy and timeless. Try makeup in soft, earthy shades formulated for your skin type and a few helpful techniques. Apply with a light touch and blend like crazy. The look should be easy and effortless, letting your natural assets shine through.

1. Clean and moisturize face
Makeup gets the best results when skin is clean and moisturized. Clean skin also requires less product, which is desirable when achieving a natural look. Following with a moisturizing lotion so your skin will be supple and hydrated.

2. Even out skin tone
You don't need to put on foundation to get an even skin tone. Pick the right shade for your coloring and let your skin's natural dewiness come through. For a quick and easy way to add natural tint to the face, blend a dot of foundation with a squirt of your favorite moisturizer and blend into the skin.

3. Cover flaws with concealer
Concealer diminishes dark circles, blemishes and redness around the nose. Pick a shade lighter than your natural skin color. Dab the problem area with concealer and blend gently with a brush or fingertip. Don't go overboard though. A heavy hand can make your skin look stiff and cakey. Alight touch is all that's needed.

4. Emphasize your eyes
If eyes are the window to the soul then by all means brighten and enhance them with soft browns and sandy-colored shadows for natural appeal. Dot brown pencil into the lash line. Smudge color with a small brush or cotton bud. Lashes will appear fuller, defining your eyes even more.

5. Accent lashes
Use an eyelash curler then apply two coats of mascara for maximum eye definition. Choose the right shade for your coloring. For lighthaired women, brown is effective. Darker-haired women should stick to brownish-black. Too dark and too much mascara can make eyes look hard and artificial.

6. Add color to cheeks
A spot of warm color on cheeks can give you a natural glow. Blush offers sheer colors for those with oily to normal skin. Or try sweeping bronzer on cheekbones, forehead and down the nose for outdoorsy vibrancy. Apply it too strongly and you'll look like you overdid it at the tanning salon. If that happens, skim a cotton ball over the face to remove any excess.

7. Define lips
Choose a pinky-brown lip color or a shade that matches your lips. Stains wear comfortably and have staying power. You can always forget the color and line lips with nude pencil. Blend it toward your mouth then slick on clear or a pale-tinted gloss. Stay away from sticky, goopy formulas. You want your lips looking light and fresh.

8. Check results in natural light
Natural light can be brutal on makeup missteps. Move near a window and check your face. You should see radiant skin and accentuated features. If too much makeup mars the picture, reach for that cotton ball again and buff off the extra. Apply these tips so people will notice you not your makeup.

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